Why Non Science Graduates are not eligible for Medical Coding Job? [Solved]

Why Non Science Graduates are not eligible for Medical Coding Job? [Solved]


To understand "Why Non Science Graduates are not eligible for Medical Coding Job?" The main difference is what Human Anatomy and Physiology. Life science graduates will be already trained or they have some knowledge about Human Anatomy and Physiology Anatomy.



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Functioning of the organs is said to be Physiology Anatomy and Internal structure of the organs of human body is said to be human anatomy. If that is known it is easy for a person to understand the deceased conditions of the organs and what are the procedures services done.


You will know to decrease the diseased condition of that that means treatment options done by the physician. This is main reason why life science graduates are preferable. 


You must know about human body and their functions and the disease conditions caused by different organisms or various other causes for the disease. If that is known, it is easy to code icd-10cm then and find treatment options. If you know the prefixes, and suffixes of certain disease condition. It is easy to guess what is organ affected and what would be the treatment options. 


Finally to conclude, it is not about life science or non-life science, if you are trained in human anatomy and physiology and or with CPC certified and they will be prospering in their career in Medical Coding field. 

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