How to get Medical Coding Job in Abroad [2022]

 How to get Medical Coding Job in Abroad [2022]


In this post we are going to see "How to get Medical Coding Job in Abroad". Medical coding is an international profession with coding certification, certified person start having the passion just to travel to foreign countries and work abroad.



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Can I get Medical Coding Job in Abroad?


Definitely, yes Medical coding is the ticket with which one can easily go on to various countries because we have the coding certification icd-10, which is actually published by this world health organization. The manual published by WHO is followed in 117 countries across the globe, and it is available in 43 languages.


So, if you are a person who wants to work abroad after completing your coding education or any training on it you need to know about the coding manuals that are being followed by the countries, because all the countries have modified the icd-10 according to their current procedural terminology.


In case, if you are going to work for England the National Health Service again gives out the coding standards and they also follow the icd-10 version plus there is also opcs which is actually the traditional manual that they follow for the surgical operations and procedures.


Same way if you want to go on work in Canada, we have this CHIMA which is Canadian Health Information Management Association. In the same way we also have the CPT and the other procedure services, In case you are going to work in any European country like Germany, we have this icd-10 German modification.

So these are things that you need to know upfront again. No matter what is a coding set that they are going to follow, that does not matter? Have the sound principles because icd-10 the ground rules remain the same. The general coding guidelines and conventions are going to remain the same with here and there certain quotes are being tweaked or being added or being revised or been deleted in one country right.


Is it Certification and Work Experience needed to get Medical Coding in Abroad?


When you go abroad again it is going to be competitive because even residential people will be certified staff or they can even be dual certified coders. So if you want to have a high package, you have to go and work in some company and gain some experience here. Try to finish the certification and definitely what happens through your journey as medical coder you will certainly find your contacts and links within this coding community.


So it doesn't take much time and there are very few companies in India as well who actually work for the hospitals in UAE, so if you can work for those companies definitely this is an added advantage for you and when you are going to seek a job outside the United Arab Emirates.


Certainly you can easily join there because you have already worked with Insurance standards and all the methods that are needed you know the ways of claims submission and all that.


So the best thing would be try to gain experience don't try to run away even just with your basic or entry level training try to finish the certification because they give opportunity only for certified quotas you know the employment is possible only with certified coders.


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