ICD 10 FOR Acute vaginitis [N76.0]

ICD 10 FOR Acute vaginitis [N76.0]

Acute vaginitis is an inflammation of the vagina. It usually results from an infection. The Acute vaginitis patient has a discharge, itching and possibly pain. Some of the vaginitis are:

1. Bacterial vaginosis,

2. Yeast infections and,

3. Trichomoniasis.

Patients are treated based on the type of vaginitis they have.


  1. Irritation in the genital area
  2. Painful urination
  3. Light vaginal bleeding or spotting
  4. Discharge may be white, grey, watery or foamy
  5. Painful sexual intercourse
  6. Foul or fishy vaginal odor


  1. Having good overall hygiene
  2. Avoid irritants
  3. Wearing loose fitting clothes
  4. Wearing cotton inner wear
  5. Using mild soaps without scents or irritants
  6. Practicing sex with condom

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