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Saturday, July 9, 2022

Medical Coding Jobs - Tips for Job Seekers [2022]

Medical Coding Jobs - Tips for Job Seekers [2022]

Prior to pursuing a Medical Coding job, the first step is to ensure that you have the proper Medical Coding training and have passed one of the coding certification examinations. Once armed with training and certification, it's time to start the job networking process.

And, since the U.S bureau of Labor statistics has identified medical coding jobs as a growing profession the Coming years, you may be in a good job-seeking position. In fact, the U.S bureau Places Medical coding under the generic group of "Medical Records, and Health Information Technicians.

Future estimates indicate a growth of 20 percent in the 2008-2018 time period - with 35,000 more positions created by the end of that decade.

Look to Professional Medical Coding Organizations:

Professional Medical coding Organization is a Great place to start your job networking. The AAPC provides a Comprehensive Medical Coding Jobs database.

Medical Coding Job seekers can search through its job Database, network with other healthcare professionals locally or nationwide through forums, or join project Xtern to get real-world experience in the Medical coding field. The AAPC also has more than 440 chapters all around the country. Check out what is near your area and think about joining a chapter to network with other Coding professionals.


Those who people seeking a Medical Coding job need to be patient learn how to effectively use the internet, and to follow-up with card, E-mail, and, even in person.

For more Information, visit:

AHIMA also has a job board for employers and job seekers, alike. Job seekers can search job, post resumes, set up an E-mail job alert and access a person job seeker account. This personalized account allows you to create and manage job alerts and view job offers from employers.

For more information, visit:

When actively looking for a job, it’s important to continuously monitor the sites such as AAPC, state-specific AHIMA sites as well as Indeed.

"Networking is Key, especially to those who are new to the field. Review job postings to see  what experience and knowledge is frequently required and increase those skill sets.  Also create a resume and cover letter specifically geared to the requirements.

PAHCOM also offers free job search service to members. If looking for a new position or the perfect person to fill a position, PAHCOM career page is a valuable resource for you. For example, you can ask job-related questions to hundred of fellow members via its Listserv Forum. Employers will also often post jobs in there, as well.


Job seekers can also post they resume for free at the career center. This is an outside agency that has a Business agreement with PAHCOM. For more Information,


Social Media Can Help:

Facebook: Simply type in "Medical Coding Job" or "Medical Coding Career" and many options will pop-up. Providers frequently post job on their facebook sites directly as well. Also, "like' the professional Organization already mentioned such as AAPC, AHIMA and PAHCOM. Lots of Networking happens there.

Linkedin: Some popular groups to consider on linkedin are:

1. Coding and Billing Compliance

2. Medical Coders (ICD 10), Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Transcriptions, Medical Software group.

3. PAHCOM - Professional Association of Healthcare office management

4. Healthcare Billing and Coding Forum

5. Coder Nation

And, don't forget to post job searching requests on your personal social media pages. You never know who is looking. Ask your friends to share.

Online Medical Coding Job Boards:

There are many forums and job board out there. A few you may want to check out include:

1. Indeed

2. Contexo Media

3. Monster 

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