Medical Coding CPC Exam Tips | AAPC

Medical Coding CPC Exam Tips | AAPC

In this post we are going to see the Medical Coding CPC Exam Tips. i'll tell you the techniques with which you really can follow and please apply these and suddenly you can certainly get at least like more than 80 percentage in Medical Coding CPC Examination.

Medical Coding CPC Exam Tips | AAPC

 Tips 1: Time management

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Though the exam runs for like 540 minutes most of the coders end up with lack of time so you should understand like the maximum time that you can have is like two and a half minutes per question, but what happens is it's like if it's going to be a lengthy surgical documentation and if you keep reading that for hearts together suddenly you will end up with lack of time.

First thing is like start attempting the easier questions first so first if you follow that because when i took up this exam what happened was the very first question was on in documentary section and doctor with so much of grafting techniques like allograft autograph epidermograph and all that stuff so i was really you know worried and then finally i had to quit that question and jump on the next.

 Tips 2: Elimination Methodology

You should know to eliminate the unwanted options if you see in that four options we have like a b c d so what happens is like at least you know you can easily rule out two of those options you can eliminate two of those options it's the remaining one and third you know which would be like the difficult options. So there you really have to apply a presence of mind and that's where it comes into picture your degree of confidence how much you have learned during the Medical Coding CPC training.


Tips 3: Reading Medical Records


Reading Medical records and then apparently you'll have to also read the actual question that's being asked for then what we can do is like you know certain shortcuts that will certainly help you is on modifiers if you have a good understanding of modifiers certainly you can you know clear this exam easily because you cannot be referencing each and every modifier in a HCPCS book or in your CPT book during the examination.

What you should do is you must know all those basic modifiers though i am not asking you to you know have a deeper understanding of these entire billing modifiers or imagine modifiers certain modifiers like 50 51 52 53...

It's like 57 59 and you should know the difference between this global surgery modifiers when can you apply a 58 and when is it a 78 is it a planned surgery or is it an unplanned surgery you know so that essentially differentiates the 58 in the 78 and then at 79 again if assistant surgeon has been asked so is it an 80 or an 81 or an 82 so you should have a very good understanding of all these modifiers.  You should not be wasting your time looking out or reviewing the description of those modifiers 

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