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Monday, August 1, 2022

Medical Coding Interview Tips [2022]

 Medical Coding Interview Tips [2022]


Once you finish your Graduation course and take up the medical coding course from any reputed institutes. You will be given a certificate. Later, you will have to run for various organizations where the medical coding threshold vacancies will apply to be available. So this post will help you to know, the measures that need to be taken to tackle the interviews.


First, the thing is that you must believe in your knowledge and look for opportunities.


Secondly, all ways have 2copies of your resume and your entire academic mark sheet Xerox copies. During the interview, you may have to attend HR round and round with the medical coding manager/team leader on the same day, 


For the HR round, you will be asked to introduce yourself and will be asked simple general questions. Sometimes HR may ask you to collect all the coding manuals and return CPTs, and HCPCS. If you get selected, you will be sent to the Next technical round with the Medical coding manager/Team Leader.


For the next round, you should be aware of the type of company because certain companies might ask you to take up a test based on Anatomy or Pathology or on any medical terminologies. You may be asked to take the online test, which will be based on coding guidelines like,  


1. What is the difference you know what should be the first score when a patient is presented with an aids or related illness".

2. What is the difference between adverse effects of poisoning cases?

3."Coding rules on the sepsis and septicemia and severe substance.

4. Question on the neoplasm’s testing and various types of neoplasms.


So it is purely on the company based. In case you are attending with Medical Billing Company and there could be multiple specialties and you would be tested on CPT coding, and as well you could be tested based on given scenarios. The Scenarios could be like "biopsy of the earth or biopsy of the eyelid or skin biopsy or open reduction internal fracture treatment of a bone".


We can't predict in which way the company would ask you a question. So what I suggest you is strong with the medical manual which is provided by us FreeOnline Medical Coding Mock Test. You need to learn the entire medical terminologies prefixes, suffixes, modifiers, and abbreviations. Don't ignore abbreviations because when you read these abbreviations you will understand the meaning of each of these observations and questions can come from those synonyms as well. So you can be tested for modifiers to tell what is a Bilateral surgery modifier code.


I don't think many companies are asking for the global surgical package but it definitely

if you are clear on the concepts of the global surgical package gives you an edge over the other students.


Few companies may test you by giving a comprehension passage that will depict a clinical scenario like


 "A 45-year-old patient who is presenting to the hospital or the physician's office with complaints of dyspnea and shortness of breath. He is having a history of cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse for the past 20 years. He might be consuming four cigarettes a day and he has Recently quit smoking for the past three months. He is having a family history of carcinoma of the lungs or his mother may be diabetic and he could also suffer from hypertension. So they can also talk about the social history of this patient like he's a car driver and he's married. He is having two kids so all this information you know something that talks about the history of the patient and then what are the medications that he's currently taking".


So the questions from the above passage could be like this:


1. Does the patient have any other symptoms apart from breathing difficulties?

2. What is a doctor documenting the diagnosis as?


You should be very alert and you should know the type of questions or the prescriptions that have been given and questions can certainly come from this angle as well.


Once you clear this screening level test this is more than enough but in some companies, you might find the training managers or team leaders or managers would come and they would start questioning you. So you don't have to panic because you have already been subjected to  a written test a screen test and then an hr interview.


If the manager/team leader is convinced that you have performed well then HR might tell you that we will get back to you.


In case you perform well certainly you will be given a call by the HR to know the offer letter from that particular organization and the HR might talk to you about the salary details, the certificates that you are supposed to bring for validations on the day of joining.


Some companies might also put you under a contract that depends on the companies, closing to have a contract because what happens the moment you join those companies itself is going to provide you with so much of training they are going to give you and various training for a period of two to three months. You will be given the salary and then you are going to take up the training right so now the company is spending much on you. They are appointing trainers and training you on various American rooms like HIPAA rooms and what are the do's/don'ts of a Medical code that you should be aware of to become a medical professional as you are going to work in the u.s healthcare industry. Because of that, you have to serve some period to the company maybe you might be kept on probation. 


Perhaps if you fail please don't worry because there are always chances. There is always room for recruitment and employment opportunities. 

You can always reach out to companies so don't worry every interview is going to be an experience if you are not being selected by one company it does not matter at all. Maybe you know it's like the universe has a different purpose so what you do is like learn from what you have experienced that's it. Attend one or two or three or four or five companies. Don't hesitate because every company is going to give you an experience.


Okay, I hope this post would have given you all the input on what is needed for you to crack the interview in a best in the best possible way.


If you have any further questions, I can also elucidate those queries.


For any clarification, please post your queries in the comment section so, that I'll get back to you.


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