Medical Coding Job Opportunities in India

Medical Coding Job Opportunities in India

In this post we are going to see Medical Coding Job Opportunities in India. People are always on the lookout for “work from home jobs” that can get them a six figure salary, and ‘Medical Coding and Billing’ is one of them.


Medical Coding Job Opportunities in India

But yet people just do not prefer it as an opportunity of earning good income or additional income. Why? Simply because most of them are just not AWARE about the great opportunities that are part of the field of medical coding and billing


The healthcare market is expected to increase three-fold to Rs 8.6 trillion (US$ 133.44 billion) by 2022.  With modernization and people getting more and more conscious about their health, more investments are being made in health insurance plans. This ultimately leads to significant increase in demand for medical coders and billers every year.


Medical coding is a field that does not compulsorily require a health degree and hence it is comparably easy to start a career in medical coding. However it will be an added advantage if you have a basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology.


For those from medical background Medical Coding will be extremely easy. For those form non-medical background will have to put in extra effort for learning the medical terminologies. This is not at all tough and you can learn it through certification course for medical coding and billing at Chis Solutions. This course is usually for 3 to 4 months and can be done part time. This certification course will open up a window of opportunity for you whereby you can earn surprisingly high salary.

Wondering what exactly is Medical Coding & Billing?

What is Medical Coding & Billing?

In simple terms it is the connection or a bridge between Insurance Companies and the Doctors/Physicians/Medical Practitioners.

What does a medical coder do?

A medical coder extracts the information from patients’ medical records and converts them to an industry-standard medical code, which is accepted universally. Medical transcriptions from hospitals and clinics are converted to universally accepted codes in diagnosis, procedure and drugs. The codes are then referred to medical billing and insurance purposes.


Career opportunities of Medical Coding and Billing in India


1. Certified Professional Medical Coder

A certified professional coder (CPC) is takes care of the medical coding for healthcare agencies. He has to make sure that medical coding used is in compliance with all medical coding laws and regulations and ensure that the coding used is for reimbursable expenses when necessary. They must also maintain confidentiality and stay current on changes to insurance coding. They may provide regular coding, surgical coding, or hospital coding as appropriate.

2. Coding Specialist

Medical coding is a procedure of assigning alphanumeric codes to every individual diagnosis and medical procedure. It is a growing industry and has a huge potential. It is a relatively new industry, having a lot of potential and scope. It is a growing industry that offers a lot of potential for employers and job seekers alike.

3. Online Assignments from Abroad

The outsource industry in Healthcare is the favorite destination for companies outside India.  In fact, 80% of US companies outsource to India .There is an ever increasing demand for offshore medical coders and billers which gives them job security and high earning opportunities.  With great exposure to both IT and healthcare, Medical coders in India are able to work in a secured environment with huge growth opportunities in their career.

4. Jobs in Medical Insurance Companies

Medical coding is converting a medical diagnosis or symptoms, procedures, and drugs into codes and Medical billing is billing insurance companies and patients for procedures and office visits. Their work is submitted to insurance companies for payment purposes, data collection, research, billing and quality improvement purposes.

5. Reimbursement Specialist

Medical Coders play an important role in the financial success of private medical practices and other health care facilities. The greater the expertise of the Medical Coder in identifying relevant diagnosis for patient encounters, the greater the insurance reimbursement to the physician.


6. Claims Processor/ Claims Reviewer

A technical person is needed who can understand the medical terms and convert them into precise and specific codes for claim processing is required in insurance companies. This is where the role of medical coders comes in. They make sure that the hospitals/doctors are neither overpaid, nor are they underpaid.

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