Does becoming a medical coder transform your life 2022?

Does becoming a medical coder transform your life 2022?

People usually want to be part of something which gives them a sense of satisfaction in their life.

They look for opportunities that will change their life. One such opportunity is getting a job as medical coder and biller.

Moreover if you are considering a career change and thinking about a position in medicine, administration, you may want to look at the opportunities in medical coding and billing in the health information technology sector!

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9 reasons why this allied health career deserves serious consideration.

1. It is rewarding to work in allied health sector

One of the greatest benefits of starting a career in the healthcare industry is the sense of satisfaction you’ll have when you go home. It is a feeling that your efforts have benefited or helped someone.

Medical billing specialists are vital to keeping costs down, reducing medical mistakes and generally ensuring that patients’ medical histories are organized and correctly recorded.

2. Being part of a fast-paced industry

Changes occur very fast in medical coding industry. Medical records maintenance is experiencing some of the biggest changes. Much of this has to do with this sector encouraging better use of electronic health records (EHRs).

Not only does this improve the way patient medical records are shared and used, but it also significantly cuts costs and improves outcomes. Medical billing and coding specialists are at the core of these vital reforms.

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3. No need to go to medical school

For people dreaming of working in medicine, the biggest deterrent is the average cost of education. The thought of the total cost of completing a degree in a medical school will scare off anyone.

For anyone considering a mid-career change, the necessary time and money are simply out of the question. But becoming a specialist in medical coding field doesn’t require a medical degree.

4. Pointing out errors can save lives

When you think about the life-saving work done by healthcare workers, you generally don’t think about clerical specialists. For instance, medical coding errors can be deadly when an incorrect code leads to the wrong treatment.

 Ensuring that data is prompt and accurate is a core part that keeps hospitals and clinics running and thriving. So by becoming a medical billing and coding specialist, you’re saving lives too.

5. You pick your job locations

When people think about changing careers, they’re most often concerned about whether they can find employment at the location they desire. If you’re too specialized, there may only be one or two companies in your area that can hire you.

In this allied health profession, you’ll have the potential to work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, administrative support centers, and even medical laboratories. With such a wide variety of organizations requiring experts, you can look forward to a dynamic job market with plenty of options.

6. You can start a new career in few months

Most medical billing and coding programs can be completed in less than a year. Hence it is very easy for people of even middle age to make a career shift by completing certified medical coding courses.

7. Medical Coding and Billing job opportunities are plentiful

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that demand for medical billing and coding specialists increased to 11% in 2018 and is expected to increase each year. This translates the demand for medical coders in the health care industry.

8. Remote working positions available

As majority of the work is done using a computer, some employers offer the option to work remotely to their employees. So it is very easy to choose, whether you’re a young professional who’d like to skip commuting – or a busy parent who’d love to spend more time at home, the working environment you prefer.

9. Earn good salary

Being a certified medical coder offers you a good starting salary. As your experience and qualifications improve, you have a fair chance of earning excellent salary packages.


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