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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Duplicate Denial Reason - [ Denial Code - CO-18 ]

Duplicate Denial Reason - [ Denial Code - CO-18 ]

Duplicate denial reason, if same claim filed twice or more times for same date of service then initial claim will be processed and other claims will be denied as duplicate.

If claim filed twice then we need to follow up on initial claim need to verify initial claim status from insurance representative or web portal.

If claim filed once and denied as duplicate then contact insurance representative and request for reprocess of the claim as claim was submitted only once now next reason for a duplicate denial.

 If two services are rendered on same date of service and claim not filed with appropriate modifier then claim may deny as duplicate in this case we need to append appropriate modifier and submit corrected claim additional points. 

 If patient demographic changes made on claim we need to submit fresh claim if any coding Corrections made unclaimed need to submit corrected claim with resubmission code 7 and original claim number on corrected claim.

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