Basics of Medical Coding Modifiers with Example

 Basics of Medical Coding Modifiers with Example

In this post we going to see about basics of medical coding modifiers so let's start without wasting and before going with definition i just want to tell you modifiers using with CPT/EM Codes and as suffixes character Modifiers Indicates that a Service or procedure and that has been altered by some specific circumstance but not changed in it Definition or Code.

And two digit character suffix alpha and numeric means modified always two digit character and maybe it is alpha numeric or alphanumeric like modifier GC modifier 25 modifier T3 modifiers and provide additional information means gives additional information about service has been and performed you can see level of modifier level 1 modifier and level 2 modifier let's start and level 1 modifier normally known as CPT modifier.

I am going to tell about some common and things about modifiers with the help of these things you can understand well realize importance and of Modifiers so here you can see diagram it's having E/M modifiers and CPT modifiers why and, 

I have mentioned here like that because we cannot use E/M modifiers with CPT codes vice and versa CPT modifiers we cannot use with E/M and E/M modifiers always going with E/M codes CPT modifiers always going with CPT codes effectively respond to payment policy circumstances and like procedure timing extended modifiers response to payment policies like modifier 22 you can and see definition of modifier 22 increased procedural services means provider work is substantially and greater than typical required over the course of procedure means provider is giving more time to complete procedure maybe because of sudden complication or any other reason and in this case we can Assign modifier 22 and its effect on payment also modifiers used to differentiate between surgeon assistant and surgeon and facility claims for this same surgery modifier used to indicate that a procedure was performed bilaterally for example modifiers and 50 LT RT 50 for bilateral procedure for LT left or RT right then modifier used to report only the professional component or only the technical component of the procedure or services and for example modifier TC and Mod modified 26. TC used for technical component and 26 used for professional component then modifier used to designate the Specific part of the body that the procedure is performed.

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