Tremor, Unspecified – ICD – 10 – R25.1

 Tremor, Unspecified – ICD – 10 – R25.1

Tremor, Unspecified – ICD – 10 – R25.1 is a payable code. Tremor is a rhythmic, shaking, movement in one or more parts of the body. Tremor is voluntary and it cannot be controlled. This shaking happens because of muscle contractions.  

Tremor generally affects hands, but it could also affect the arms, vocal cord, head, trunk and legs. Tremor can happen on its own or be caused by another disorder and it may come and go or it may be constant. 

Very common tremor is the teeth chattering, it is induced by cold temperature or by fear.


  • Rhythmic shaking in the hands, head, arms, legs
  • Shaking voice
  • Difficulty in writing or drawing
  • Nodding head
  • Difficulty in holding and controlling utensils like spoon
  • Tremors that lessen with rest


  • Avoid caffeine
  • Try to be in the relaxed mood
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Make life style changes
  • Physical therapies


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